We've stored everything from totem poles to toboggans, from carpets to cars, from golf clubs to guitars, from boxes to bean bags to bikes.

Note that our storage prices are for 0-4 months of storage. For longer storage, please contact the office at 734.665.2664. We do not offer discounts for short-term storage, since the bulk of our cost is in the labor and administration of the service.

The price of storage varies depending on the size and weight of the item, but generally speaking, a box under 50 lbs. stored over the summer costs $40. Click here for storage prices.

Delivery back to you is included in your storage price

Fall delivery to many buildings occurs on a date determined by management just before the official group move-in date.  If you are moving in early, then you need to inform us of your move-in date before May 1 (unless you are moving out later).

Read the list below to find out where and when we will deliver your stored items

If your building is not mentioned, talk to your landlord.

If you plan to move back early (before late August), you must give a date BEFORE MAY 1.

Residence halls: dorm package room prior to building’s move-in date

Large apartment buildings: in-room delivery prior to building’s move-in date, provided the lease paperwork is in order, with EXCEPTION of Varsity, YoUnion (formerly 411 Lofts), and *U Towers (by request of the management). In these buildings, we provide in-room delivery upon students’ arrival, on the date you indicate on your order

Sororities: in-room delivery prior to house move-in date, provided we have a room number

Fraternities: in-room delivery upon students’ arrival, on the date you indicate on your order

Got More questions about storage? Read on.

What do I do about my plastic drawers and other containers?

You do not need to box your containers for storage. Instead, economize by packing other things inside the container. (Exception: do not use a fridge or larger furniture as a container.) Drawers with rollers should have their wheels removed, if possible, and stored in one of the drawers. We will shrink wrap or tape the drawers shut.

We often tape together containers in bundles so that they are approximately the size of a large box, in order to economize. When you give them to us, we will figure out the most cost-efficient solution.

How do I label my things?

We create personal labels for all stored items from our database, which tracks your inventory. 

All you need to do is write your name and what you are doing with each box using a fat, black marker: STORE or SHIP. If your storage is SHORT-TERM (not for fall delivery) or TO BE CLEANED, also write this next to your name.

For furniture and other unboxed items, write your name and move-in location on a piece of masking or shipping tape.

I don’t know my move-in date / location yet.

For Fall Term, call our office with your information before August 1 to avoid a late fee and/or delivery delay.

If you will move in early, before the group move-in date set by the house management, then we need to know before May 1 (unless you are moving out later than that).

What if things that don’t fit into a box, like my chair … mattress topper … boyfriend pillow … fan … ?

The most economical way to store a tall item is to put it in one of our large boxes with other things; leave the top open. When we receive it, we will cap it with a second large box. 

As long as the box weighs less than 50 pounds, we will store it as an “oversized” box ($55). Although this is more expensive than storing a standard box ($40), it’s still much cheaper than paying for each of the tall items individually.

Is your storage area climate-controlled?

Climate control is not necessary in Michigan, even for electronics or clothing, since our warehouse is dry and temperate. However, we do offer this option.

Storing a basic box in the air-conditioned room costs $80. Label all your items A/C and alert the employees who take your storage that they are not to go to the warehouse. 

What if I store with you and then decide not to return?

If you change your plans and do not come back to UM, JPS can either continue to store your belongings or ship items to a forwarding address; additional fees will apply.

I want to store clothes and bedding, but don’t have time to wash them first. Can you take care of cleaning them?

Our sister company, Busybody's Laundry can clean your stored belongings.

Just put these items in a separate box marked “TO BE CLEANED” on the top and sides.

If you have both dry cleaning and washing it's best to separate the dry cleaning in its own bag and label it clearly.  

Do not put laundry for cleaning with other storage items: Busybody's can only take responsibility for laundry.

What if I only need storage for a short time?


Students returning to Ann Arbor in less than 4 months may opt for short-term storage. However, since the majority of our costs are associated with the labor involved in pick-up and delivery, there is no discount for early delivery. The price is the same for any length of time between 0-4 months.

All short-term storage items must be labelled clearly with SHORT-TERM STORAGE and the DELIVERY DATE on all sides of the boxes. Be sure to alert the person who handles your order that it is for early delivery so that your things are not  put with fall delivery items at the warehouse. 

How do I pack my TV and other fragile pieces?

We must professionally pack fragile items like electronics and artwork to insure them, unless you have the original box with its styrofoam inserts. See our insurance section on the price guide for restrictions and exceptions.Simply give us these items as they are, and we will transport them to our warehouse for professional packaging.