fees, upcharges, Restrictions

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During our FALL peak week (~ Two weeks before and including Labor day ) we cannot . . .

*do pick-ups in the afternoons 

*do same-day moves


During our SPRING peak days (April 25 - May 4, 2019) we cannot . . .

*do pick-ups or deliver supplies in dorms with open stations (Burley, Lloyd, Markely, Quads: East, South, West)

*do pick-ups in the afternoons 

*do same-day moves

*go into ANY residence halls on the day the dorm closes; curbside service for pick-up and delivery ONLY


All registration/reservation fees are non-refundable.

Drop-off at store $5

Dorm station service: $15

Personal pick-up: $30


Ordering cut-off time to avoid rush fees

John's Moms: 5p three calendar days before service date (if available)

Pick-ups: 5p two calendar days before service date

Supplies: 5p one calendar day before delivery


Rush orders

Supplies: Call the store to place an order after 5 p.m. the day before service or same-day.  If we can do it, we will at no extra charge.

Pick-ups: Call the store to place an order after 5 p.m. 2 days or less before a desire pickup.  If we can do it a $50 rush fee will be added to the order ($30 pick-up + $50 rush fee = $80)

John's Moms: Call the store to place orders after 5 p.m. three days or less before the desired service date.  If we can do it, we will add a $100 rush fee to the order ($350 mom service + $30 pickup (if applicable) + $100 rush fee = $480)



You can change your pick-up date without penalty by 5 p.m. up to 2 business days prior to service. If you want to change your date any time after 5 p.m. two days before your service, this is considered a cancellation and you will  have to place a new order.

If you are not ready when our trucks arrive in the window of time discussed in your pre-pick up confirmation call*, we will consider this a cancellation. We cannot wait for you to arrive or come back later.

If you or a friend can’t let us in and we have to work with your landlord a minimum fee of $35 will be assesed. These situations always take longer. You can send us a key have a friend meet us for the pick up.

The window of time you select in the order pathway is a preference; it is not an appointment. We need to plan our truck routes to accommodate the needs of many students.

We must reach the student the day before the pick-up to confirm, go over details, and get a status update on the order. If we cannot have this conversation, the pick-up order will be canceled.


Changing John's Moms orders

Once you order this service you have until the end of the business day to cancel for a full refund. Cancellation, change, and late fees are as follows:

  • Late order, less than three business days prior to service, add $100

  • Changes to reservation date/time less than three business days prior to service, add $100.

  • Cancellations $150; all cancellations during April  and May are non-refundable ($350)