visiting a DORM STATION

JPS runs satellite stations in the dorms listed below: Th 4/25 thru Th 5/2 from 2-6 p.m. (except Sunday). 


Important: We cannot do personal pick-ups or deliveries in these six dorms after the satellite stations open on April 25. If you need extra help, plan ahead and either order a pick-up before April 25 or request the John's Moms packing service.


You must register for this service before coming to the station. This creates an accurate, secure account that allows us to track your inventory and print labels. Once you have registered, you can bring things to the station as often as you like; there's no need to do it all at once.  We will charge the credit card on file for all transactions unless you tell us otherwise.

If you live in a dorm not listed above or any other campus house or apartment you can schedule a pick-up of your belongings for storage, shipping, and professional packing.


I can’t work with you during your station hours at my dorm. What are my options?

Call our office: 734.665.2664. We will do our best to help you figure things out. The John's Moms Packing Service is a good option as long as we are not booked. Click here to learn more.

Can’t I just leave my stuff in the lobby or office for you to pick up later?

Dorms do not allow you to leave things for us.

Most students give us as much as they can before leaving, and if they have a box or two left, they ask a friend to bring it down the station during open hours.

Alternatively, you could schedule a John's Moms service for the time you need help.

Do I have to create an account if I just want to buy boxes?

You can buy boxes with cash. However, if you plan to ship or store with us, it is more convenient to go ahead and create an account at the beginning.

What if something doesn’t fit into a box? What about my fan? lamp? bike? boyfriend pillow?
Do you come up to the room to get my stuff?

Unfortunately, during our peak week when satellite stations are open, we do not have the manpower to help you get your stuff down to the lobby. Grab a rolling cart from your community center and ask your friends to help you. You can do it! Exception: If you have a physical condition that prevents you from lifting and carrying, call our office.

How do I label my things?

Label all belongings with your name and the word "ship" or "store"–we'll take it from there.  If you have items for EARLY DELIVERY (before fall move-in), mark them accordingly; dittoes for items (You can use a piece of masking tape for anything that is not boxed, or simply write directly on the item if that works.)

Please make sure that you keep a list of what you give us for shipping and storing and check it against our label stubs at checkout.

If an item does not fit into a box or needs professional packing, just give it to us as is. We will transport it carefully to our store and take care of it there. 

I have plastic drawers and totes. Do they have to go into boxes?

Plastic drawers and totes do not need to be boxed. Pack them so that you are not storing them empty. We will tape smaller containers together to roughly equal one standard large box in size and weight.

Remove rolling wheels and put them inside the drawers if you can.

checkout with Christi 2.jpg
I’m leaving my bedding for Busybody’s to clean over the summer. I want to leave my winter coats and scarves, too–do you dry clean as well?

Yes!  If you have both wash-n-fold as well as dry cleaning, you don't have to put each in a different box. Just make sure the dry cleaning is separated out from the regular laundry and labelled as such.

However, don't pack your laundry with other storage items; Busybody's cannot take responsibility for anything but laundry.

I’m bringing my stuff to your station but I’ll still need my bedding and a few things and I’m leaving before you open the next day. What do I do?

Students have three options for dealing with their last things:

1) Have a friend bring your belongings back to the dorm station during open hours. 

2) Drop items at our store on the way out of town–we will waive the drop fee since you are already in the system.

3) Schedule a personal pick-up in a time/place outside of your dorm where someone will take responsibility for meeting us – for example, at your sorority or a friend's apartment. You will need to pay the $30 pick-up fee, even if your friend is having a pick-up at the same time.