Scheduling a Pick-up

When you order a pick-up, you will choose a date and a preferred four-hour window of time in which you can be available to meet our truck. Our guys will come right to your room and load up your belongings for processing at our warehouse (packing, storing, shipping, cleaning of dirty items like bedding, clothing, and coats or other items needing dry-cleaning). 

Students who live in Markley, Lloyd, SQ, EQ or WQ cannot order personal pickups between TH 4-25 and TH 5-2. These dorms have satellite stations open from 2pm to 6pm every day (except Sunday) where they can bring things to us for storage/shipping.

The pick-up reservation fee is $30 (non-refundable). You must order at least two days before your desired date or rush fees apply.

Customers need to have their belongings packed and ready to go when we arrive. We may not be able to reschedule your pick-up if you are not ready. See the price guide for fees and other restrictions.

You must have separate pick-up for each day you want us to come. 

Can I choose my pick-up time? How does it work?

When you schedule, you will select a preferred four-hour window of time during which you or a designated representative can meet our truck team. Give us details about your time restrictions in the comment box at check-out, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, but this will depend on the big picture of all the other pick-ups scheduled that day. We will call the student to confirm a pick-up time frame the day before scheduled service.

Will you come up to my room to get my stuff?

Yes! For personal pick-ups  we do pick up from the rooms. 

Does everything have to be in a box? What about my fan? bike? lamp? Boyfriend pillow?

If something doesn't fit in a box or needs professional packing you can give it to us as is. We will transport it carefully and take care of it back at our store. Fragile items must be professionally packed in order for us to insure them against both damage and loss, unless you have the original boxes with styrofoam inserts (exception: TVs). Otherwise, these items can be insured for loss only.

Can my housemates and I share one pick-up reservation? You’re coming to the same place at the same time.

Each customer must place an individual pick-up order. This creates a secure and accurate account so that we can print labels and track inventory.

Can you ship a duffel?

All shipped items must be packed in boxes; it is to your advantage to keep the size and weight down, as UPS charges steeply for oversize and overweight items. More important, UPS conveyor systems are not kind to suitcases and duffels; you do not want to risk damage to your container (not insured) or take the chance that your contents will spill out.

I’m having a pick-up, but I’ll still need my bedding and few things until I leave. What about those last few boxes?

Students have three options for dealing with their last things:

1) Drop items at our store on the way out of town–we will waive the drop fee since you are already in the system.

2) Schedule a second pick-up in a time/place where someone will take responsibility for meeting us  (i.e. roommate, sorority sisters or house director, landlord/management). You DO have to place a new, separate, pick-up order to make sure we schedule it on our truck route for the day. We cannot put two pick-up dates on one order; for your protection, we need to track where and when we pick up belongings.

3) SPRING TERM ONLY: Have a friend bring your last belongings to a dorm station in Markley, Lloyd, or East/South/West Quads during open hours –we will waive the dorm station registration fee, since you are already in the system.

What about plastic totes and drawers?

Plastic drawers and totes do not need to be boxed. Pack them so that you are not storing them empty. We will tape smaller containers together to roughly equal one standard large box in size and weight. (We will record this as one item, so it might be helpful for you to note the TOTAL number of individual plastic containers on your personal record.)

Remove rolling wheels and put them inside the drawers if you can.

Do I have to be there when you come to pick up?

You or a trustworthy representative needs to meet us to make sure everything goes well. Call us if you have an issue with this, and we will do our best to help you find a solution.

How far in advance should I schedule my pick-up? Can I change it once it’s ordered?

We recommend you schedule your pick-up as soon as you know the date. However, the reservation fee is non-refundable.

You can change your pick-up date without penalty up to two days beforehand. After this time, the surcharge is $50 if we can accommodate you in the planned truck route.

How do I label my things?

Simply label all belongings with your name and the word "ship" or "store"–we'll take it from there.  If you have items for EARLY DELIVERY (before the lease commencement or group move-in date for your building), mark them accordingly; dittoes for items TO BE CLEANED. (You can use a piece of masking tape for anything that is not boxed, or simply write directly on the item if that works.)

Please make sure that you check your own record against our label stubs when you check-out and before we take your belongings; keep your order summary sheet (emailed after we charge your account.)

I’m leaving my bedding for Busybody’s to clean over the summer. Can I leave my winter coats and scarves for dry cleaning too?

Yes!  If you have both wash-n-fold as well as dry cleaning, you don't have to put each in a different box. Just make sure the dry cleaning is separated out from the regular laundry and labelled as such. However, don't pack your wash with other storage items; Busybody's cannot take responsibility for anything but laundry.