Students studying abroad can ship stuff home and/or store belongings with JPS until they return to Michigan.

We can even help pack up so there’s more time to focus on exams and say good-bye to friends and to Ann Arbor.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Order supplies if needed; you will select a date for delivery within 1 business day. Packing in your own totes and containers is fine, too - check out the FAQs for other packing questions, like how many boxes to buy.

  2. Order a pick-up within two days of service. We will come to your room and take your belongings for shipping, storage, laundry/dry-cleaning + storage, or professional packing of large/awkward/fragile items. You do not have to indicate on your order exactly what you’ll give us and whether it’s for shipping or storage; we call the day before to confirm the order and review details.

  3. Pack up everything that you can put in a box or container. We will take care of things like TVs, lamps, chairs and tape together your totes as needed to equal one of our large boxex (standard size for storage, $40). If you need help packing, order the John’s Moms service.

  4. Review our insurance policy so that you can tell us what you would like to insure for more than the default value of $50/stored item and $100/shipped box.

  5. Meet us on the service date in a three-hour window of time that we will arrange with you the day before. Someone you trust can meet us if you can’t be there.

  6. Contact us at least 1 month before your return with the date you will move back to Ann Arbor.