Summer 2018

Summer to fall: We do it all!

For general questions, call the office, 734.665.2664, or use the contact form to reach John or Michelle, owners.
For questions about John's Moms, call Christianne, 734.366.3311, or email

QUICK CLICK TO Summer and fall move-in services


Porter Service = ship belongings to us after July 4 and up until August 25th; we'll keep everything safe and deliver it you upon your arrival in Ann Arbor for Fall Term

Summer Discovery - students enrolled in Michigan's Summer Discover camps ship their belongings to JPS for dorm delivery; we come back at the end of the session to collect everything and ship it home or on to the next destination

Pick-up = our trucks and a team of guys meet you at your room and take your belongings back to our store for shipping or storing; delivery to your next address is included with this service

Supply delivery = the best boxes on campus delivered to your door free of charge

John's Moms = a real, live mom works alongside you to pack and prepare your belongings for pick-up

Professional packaging = we professionally pack fragile & awkward items to ensure safe storage and/or shipping

Same-day move = two men and a truck move you from one place to another within the UM area on the same day

Drop-off = you bring your belongings in your car or an Uber to our store on Ellsworth Rd. for shipping or storage


What about my plastic drawers?

This is the million-dollar moveout question! If we could only have a nickel for every time we've answered it . . . Find the answer to this question and every other question we've ever been asked on our FAQ page.