You have three options for packing up.

Option #1

Pam with box cart.jpg

John’s Moms work with students to organize and pack their belongings. This option is perfect for students who just have too much going on and need some extra help.

Parents love the service, too, since it takes the stress out of the relationship and frees them to simply celebrate successes and enjoy reconnecting at the end of the term.


Option 2: We professionally pack special items for you

Students pack their clothing, bedding, and desk items themselves but leave the large, awkward, and fragile pieces to JPS. This is the most popular option. When we do the packing, items are insured against loss and damage.


Option 3: You pack

You do not need to use our boxes or packing services to ship and store with JPS.

However, fragile items can only be insured for loss, not damage, if you do not have original boxes with styrofoam inserts.


Got questions about packing?

Can you pack my stuff for me?

Yes, you can hire one of “John’s Moms” to work with you and help you organize and pack up your belongings. 

You or a trusted representative must be there to work with the mom. If you have a special situation, please call our office: 734.665.2664.

Does everything have to be boxed or wrapped when I give it to you?

You should box everything that you can, but large, non-fragile items such as bikes, mattresses, futons, rolling drawers, plastic totes, shelves and refrigerators do not need to be boxed.

Please note that if your belongings are not covered, you may see minor cosmetic damage upon delivery. Insurance covers the content and functionality of a container, but not its appearance. 

For example, we often use tape to keep doors/drawers from opening in transport and this can leave an adhesive film when removed. Futons and couches can get dirty. Plastic drawers and totes often lose wheels and occasionally crack. So if you’re concerned about dings, scuffs, and dust, cover items yourself or ask  us to cover them for you. If you don’t specifically ask, we will assume they are fine as is. (Exception: we do cover all mattresses.)

Note that we should professionally pack fragile items in order to insure them (see below).

What about plastic drawers and totes?

You do not need to box these containers for storage. Instead, economize by packing other things inside the containers. (Exception: do not use a fridge or large/heavy furniture as a container)

Drawers with rollers should have their wheels removed if possible and stored in one of the drawers. We will shrink wrap or tape the drawers shut.

Plastic containers can be grouped together in bundles so that they are approximately the size of a large box (18x18x24”) and thus charged the standard storage fee ($40). We use our own discretion in taping multiple containers together to reduce your cost.

What about big and tall items that don’t fit into containers and boxes?

The most economical way to pack mattress toppers, fans, lamps, etc. is to use one of our large boxes and leave the top open. (You can put several tall items in the same box if they are lightweight and narrow.) Obviously the items will stick out from the top of the box. When we receive it, we cap it with a second large box. As long as this box weighs less than 50 pounds, we will store it as an “oversized” box ($55). 

Although this is more expensive than storing a standard box ($40), it’s still much more economical than paying for each of the tall items individually.

How should I pack my TV, printer, and other fragile things?

We transport electronics and other fragile items to our store for packaging. Please do not attempt to pack fragile items yourself unless you have all the original packaging materials with the styrofoam inserts–especially TVs. 

When you pack fragile items yourself, they are not insured against damage, only loss.