Porter Service

Our receiving and delivery service makes moving in a whole lot easier. Shop online or ship belongings to us after July 4 and up to August 25th; we'll keep everything safe and deliver it all at once when you're ready.  Click here for prices.

Once you register for the service, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions.


Fall Move-In

Students moving into many major apartment buildings like  Landmark, Zaragon, and ArborBlu will find their belongings already in their rooms, provided the lease paperwork is in order. For other buildings, check with the office to find out how they work with JPS; this can change from year to year, since it is up to the current management. 

We have excellent relationships with many sororities. Students moving into the following houses also get in-room delivery prior to their return, as long as we have a room number: ADPi, AEPhi, AXO, DPhiE, KKG, PiBetaPhi, SDT, Sigma Kappa, TriDelt, XO and Zeta.

Students in University Towers must meet us in the main lobby by the elevator at the time of delivery, due to strict parking limitations.