It’s a whole lot cheaper than a plane ticket, hotel, and eating out for three days!
— California Mom

Costs vary widely, depending on what you do. Here are some examples . . . 

  • Storing a container up to 50 pounds costs $40 for up to four months and includes delivery. 

  • Shipping is based on weight, size and destination: a typical large box to NY is about $70.  

  • Registration for service at a dorm satellite station is $15.  

  • Reserving pick-up service is $30.

  • Packing and storing a 36" TV is $155 ($100 packing + $55 storage). 

  • Boxes costs $6, $5, and $3.50 for large, medium, and small.

  • One of John's Moms  for two hours is $350 + pickup free $30 = $380 total. The service is billed at $125/hr from there. Most John's Moms customers end up spending about $800-$1,200 once we add in the cost of supplies, shipping, and storage. (See below for more, including cancellations/changes).

  • Two guys and a truck for two hours is $250 and billed at $125/hr from there (no packing service is included).

  • The average student who stores most of his belongings and ships a few boxes home spends about $400.

Phone quotes are not possible, as we need to see and weigh everything we ship store, pack, or move.

So take a few minutes and peruse the price guide below to get a more specific idea of your potential costs, as well as the restrictions and fees associated with various services.


Your final bill will depend on what services and supplies you select.

All supplies and services are priced separately.

Once we receive your belongings, all charges for storage, shipping, and/or packing are applied to the card on file. You will receive a scan of the receipt by email usually by the next business day, although it might take a bit longer during our peak week, April 19-26.

We ask that you keep a list of what you give us and compare it to our order summary sheet before we take your things, so that know we are in agreement about what you actually gave us.



                                                                                                                                                                    Tape roll 2" X 110 YDS.- $4.50

Bubble wrap 2 X 10" - $4.00

Black wide-tip marker - $2.00

We fully refund any unused boxes in salable condition. However we won't make a special trip to pick them up.

Supply Prices


Large box 18 X 18 X 24" - $6.00     

Medium box 24 X 18 X 12" - $5.00

Small box 18 X 12 X 12" - $3.50

Tape gun with tape - $20.00


storage prices

These are general estimates. Prices vary based on size and weight. We cannot give you an exact quote over the phone.

We do not INSURE ANy IKEA furniture or particle board pieces against damage. 


Standard box or container

  • <50 Pounds: $65
  • 51 - 70 Pounds: $95
  • 71+ Pound: $1.50/lb.
  • Add $25 to each for oversized containers


    • Futon: $185
    • Twin: $160
    • Full: $200
    • Queen: $280
    • King: $360
    • Twin: $160
    • Full: $200
    • Queen: $280
    • King: $360
    • Futon: $200
    • Standard Metal Bed Frame: $70
    • Disassembled Wood Frame: $150
    • Head/foot Board: $150


    • Small (dorm size): $80
    • Medium (thigh high): $100
    • Large (waist high): $175
    • X-large (chest high): $235


    • Light Loveseat: $265
    • Medium: $320
    • Large or Heavy: $460 and up


    • TV Stand: $140-$180
    • Desk: $160-$360
    • Desk Chair: $90-$150
    • Lounge Chair: $230-$330
    • Shelf Unit: $90 and up
    • Night Sidetable: $90 and up
    • Empty Dresser: $290 and up
    • Bicycle: $130
    • Carpet: $150 and up
    • Futon Chair (cushion & frame) : $170 and up
  • 0-4 Months (summer)

    standard box or container

    and box, tote, drawers, etc. - up to 18x18x24" and <50lbs.

    • <50lbs $40

    • 51 - 70lbs $60

    • 70+ add $1.50/lb

    Oversized >18x18x24" up to 24x24x24"

    • Add $15 to each



    • Fits in large box: $40

    • Custom box: $65

    Note - overweight surcharges may apply


    • Twin: $85

    • Full/futon: $120

    • Queen: $170

    • King: $220

    FRAME (all frames must be disassembled)

    • Frame/futon: $120

    • Frame/standard metal: $40

    • Frame/std metal frame: $75

    • Head and/or foot board: $75-120


    • Small fridge (knee high): $45

    • Medium fridge (thigh high): $55

    • Large fridge (waist high): $90

    • X-large fridge (chest high): $120

    • Microwave (includes packing): $65

    • Printer (includes packing): $65

    • Tall/tower fan (includes packing): $65

    • Other small appliances such as coffee-maker or toaster (includes packing): $40

    TVs&Monitors, packed by JPS (we cannot insure TVs for damage unless they are in the original Box

    • 19" TV: $70

    • 24" TV: $90

    • 28" TV: $110

    • 32" TV: $130

    • 36" TV: $155

    • 40" TV: $185

    • 42" TV: $230

    • 48" TV: $250

    • 55" TV: $335

    other Pack & store items

    • Lamp -tall/floor or small table/desk (includes packing): $50

    • Mirror (includes packing): $70-$125

    • Picture/Artwork not in original box: 24" to 45" (longest side) = $60-$100

    • Game Console $65


    • Couch: $150-$200+

    • Chair/desk: $50-$80

    • Chair/dorm (bungee/folding, bean): $75

    • Chair/lounge: $120-$170

    • Chair/futon (single cushion & frame): $100

    • Chair/futon (more than one cushion wide): $150+


    • Nightstand $50-$95

    • End table: $65

    • Desk: $85-$185

    • Empty dresser: $145-$275+

    • Coffee table: $85


    • Bicycle: $70

    • Carpet: $80-$160

    • Shoe storage: $50-$120

    • Shelves: $50-$120

    • Shelves (folding) $50

    • TV stand: $70-$120

    • Clothing/drying rack: $40

    SHIPPING costs

    These are general estimates. Prices will vary based on size, weight, and destination. We cannot give specific shipping prices over the phone.

    A typical JPS medium box weighs 35lbs; a typical JPS large box weighs 55lbs.

    These prices include a service fee.

    Zone 6 (S. FL, CO)

    • Medium Box - $92

    • Large Box - $105

    Zone 8 (CA, S. TX)

    • Medium Box - $120

    • Large Box - $145

    N. Zone 3 (IL)

    • Medium Box - $54

    • Large Box - $64

    Zone 4 (NY, NJ, MD, GA)

    • Medium Box - $62

    • Large Box - $70

    Zone 5 (N. FL, N. TX)

    • Medium Box - $74

    • Large Box - $88


    All fragile items stored or shipped by JPS must be professionally packed in order to insure them against both loss and damage, unless you have the original boxes with the styrofoam inserts.

    If you pack fragile belongings yourself, they are insured against loss only.

    Prices below include both packing and storage.

              Item                        4 mos        8 mos

    • 19" TV $70 $100

    • 24" TV $90 $115

    • 28" TV $110 $135

    • 32" TV $130 $150

    • 36" TV $155 $190

    • 40" TV $185 $225

    • 42" TV $230 $270

    • 48" TV $250 $300

    • 55" TV $335 $360

    • Printer $65 $90

    • Microwave $65 $90

    • Tall fan $65 $80

    All other packing prices determined by size, weight, and complexity. Please talk to our office if you have questions about  particular item.

    John's Moms Packing Service

    The service is billed at $350 for the first two hours, starting when the mom arrives.After the first two hours, we charge $125/hr thereafter in quarter-hour increments. A  pick-up reservation fee of $30 is also automatically added to your order at checkout.

     Once you order this service, you have until the end of the business day to cancel for a full refund. Cancellation, change, and late fees are as follows:


    Late order, less than three calendar days prior to service, add $100

    Changes to reservation date OR time less than three calendar days prior to service, add $100.

    Cancellations $175 up to three calendar days before service and non-refundable after that; all cancellations from April 1-May 15 are non-refundable ($350 + $30 = $380)

    Your "mom" will discuss your job with you in advance and add packing supplies to your order for advance delivery (with your permission.)  You can review supply prices here.

    On average, a John's Moms customer spends $800-$1,200, once supplies, shipping, and storage are added on. If you are concerned about limiting your costs, then please talk to the mom when she calls about setting a cap to her time and working together to make prudent decisions about whether particular items are worth storing/shipping.

    Important: We must be able to connect by phone a few days before the job in order with the person who will be there to work with us. We need to confirm and review details

    NOTE! John's moms do not clean, assemble or disassemble furniture, attach or detach anything to or from walls, OR transport customers and/or belongings in personal vehicles.

    Porter Service/Summer discovery 

    When you sign up for porter service, you can ship packages to John's Pack & Ship over a period of time–usually the summer–for delivery on a particular date. For many delivery locations this means in-room delivery before you return.

    Some houses and apartments require you to use this service. Please check with your landlord or house mother.


    summer discovery

    • Standard box (up to 50#; up to 18X18X24) - $15

    • Overweight box (51-70#; up to 18X18X24) - $25

    • Oversize box (up to 50#; up to 24X24X24) - $25

    • Oversize/Overweight box (51-70#; up to 24X24X24) - $35

    • Heavyweight box (71-100#; up to 24X24X24) - $.75/pound


    Fall Move-in TO Residence Halls

    • Standard box (up to 50#; up to 18X18X24) - $15

    • Overweight box (51-70#; up to 18X18X24) - $25

    • Oversize box (up to 50#; up to 24X24X24) - $25

    • Oversize/Overweight box (51-70#; up to 24X24X24) - $35

    • Heavyweight box (71-100#; up to 24X24X24) - $.75/pound


    Fall move-in FOR Off-campus housing

    • Standard box (up to 50#; up to 18X18X24) - $20

    • Overweight box (51-70#; up to 18X18X24) - $30

    • Oversize box (up to 50#; up to 24X24X24) - $30

    • Oversize/Overweight box (51-70#; up to 24X24X24) - $40

    • Heavyweight box (71-100#; up to 24X24X24) - $1/pound

    Intra-campus Moves

    If you are moving from one campus residence to another in the same day, you can schedule an intra-campus move with JPS to reserve two strong guys and a truck for two hours.

    The cost for this service is $250/ 2 hr. After the first two hours, the price is $125/hr. You have up to one business day to cancel for a full refund. If you cancel after this point within 24 hours, we will refund your order 50%. 

    On the day of your move, you must be ready when the truck arrives. You will be charged for any packing help needed.

    Call to confirm availability: 734.665.2664. We cannot do moves during our peak weeks in the spring and fall: April 19-26 and August 24-September 3, 2018.

    Laundry Prices

    Laundry: $1.50 per pound (10 pound minimum)

    Regular Comforters: $25 Down Comforters: $35

    Mattress Pads: $10-$20 (depending on size & thickness)

    Blankets: $15-$25 (depending on size)

    Down Feather Beds: $55 (we do not clean polyester fiber foam pads)

    Pillows: Polyester $11 Down $25

    Dry Clean: Pants $5.50 Sweaters $5-$8.50 Coats $18-$25

    For more information on laundry, click here.



    We strongly recommend that you purchase insurance for your belongings and review our insurance policies in advance.

    Each year we store many thousands of boxes. Our loss rate is 3 boxes per thousand. This is obviously very low, but if it is your box it doesn’t matter how good our loss ratio is. If we lose your box of belongings you will want to replace them. We can only help pay that bill up to the insured value.

    We make mistakes like breaking TV’s (average 2/year) or other fragile items, lose boxes or damage chairs beyond repair. You may get upset if it’s yours and we understand that. But if we lose or break an expensive box that is only insured for $50 you will be very angry. So please insure your belongings properly because regardless of how or why we failed, our liability is still only limited to the insured value.

    That liability is limited to the market value for the item at the time it was lost up to the amount indicated on the JPS order summary.

    If no addition insurance is purchased, the default value is

    • $100 for each shipped box

    • $50 for each stored piece (meaning the total contents of 1 container).


    Adding insurance costs $2.00 per $100 of value added. For example: to insure a box for $500 cost $10, $1,000 costs $20, or $2,000 cost $40.

    The fee you paid to ship or store the item is not refunded. The total payment is limited to the insured value.

    You can either choose to insure a specific piece/box or insure the entire order.

    For example: Your order includes 5 boxes, 3 plastic container units, a TV and a desk chair (10 total pieces)

    You decide to insure the entire order for $2,000. The cost for insurance is $40 and therefore each piece is insured for $200


    You indicate that you only want to insure the box that has your Canada Goose coat for $1,500 and the TV for $500. Again, the cost for insurance is still $40 but the other 8 pieces are only insured for $50 each.

    When a specific box is insured above the default value an expicit description must be indicated. For example: Box with 20 pairs of shoes, $3,000. Box of winter coats and sweaters, $2,000. If there is one particular item in the box that is of high value indicate it separately as with a Canada Goose coat.

    Read more about insurance.

    fees, upcharges, Restrictions


    During our FALL peak week (August 24 - September 7 ) we cannot . . .

    *do pick-ups in the afternoons 

    *do same-day moves


    During our SPRING peak days (April 18 - May 4, 2019) we cannot . . .

    *do pick-ups or deliver supplies in dorms with open stations (Burley, Lloyd, Markely, Quads: East, South, West)

    *do pick-ups in the afternoons 

    *do same-day moves

    *go into ANY residence halls on the day the dorm closes; curbside service for pick-up and delivery ONLY


    All registration/reservation fees are non-refundable.

    Drop-off at store $5

    Dorm station service: $15

    Personal pick-up: $25


    Ordering cut-off time to avoid rush fees

    John's Moms: 5p three days before service date (if available)

    Pick-ups: 5p two days before service date

    Supplies: 5p one day before delivery


    Rush orders

    Supplies: Call the store to place an order after 5 p.m. the day before service or same-day.  If we can do it, we will at no extra charge.

    Pick-ups: Call the store to place an order after 5 p.m. 2 days or less before a desire pickup.  If we can do it a $50 rush fee will be added to the order.

    John's Moms: Call the store to place orders after 5 p.m. three days or less before the desired service date.  If we can do it, we will add a $100 rush fee to the order.


    Changing/Cancelling pick-up DAte

    You can change your pick-up date without penalty by 5 p.m. up to 2 business days prior to service.

    If you want to change your date any time after 5 p.m. two days before your service, this is considered a cancellation and you will  have to place a new order.

    If you are not ready when our trucks arrive in the window of time discussed in your pre-pick up confirmation call*, we will consider this a cancellation. We cannot wait for you to arrive or come back later.

    *The window of time you select in the order pathway is a preference; it is not an appointment. We need to plan our truck routes to accommodate the needs of many students.


    Changing John's Moms orders

    Once you order this service you have until the end of the business day to cancel for a full refund. Cancellation, change, and late fees are as follows:


    Late order, less than three business days prior to service, add $100

    Changes to reservation date/time less than three business days prior to service, add $100.

    Cancellations $150; all cancellations during April  and May are non-refundable ($350)


     Storage delivery Notification


    Delivery to the following addresses takes place on the delivery date given to us by the building manager. NO other dates can be arranged unless you can guaranteed a move-in date with your building’s manager and confirm it with us by June 1.

    All dorms

    Most sororities (check with house director)

    Most fraternities (check with house manager)

    Arbor Blu, Landmark, Zaragon and Six11


    For all other locations, please give us a  date and destination before August 1 for fall delivery of stored items.

    Late notification penalties:

    After August 1, $25

    After August 15, $50