We sell the best boxes on campus, specially made for JPS. And delivery is free.

We deliver supply orders placed before 5 p.m. on the next business day. No same-day delivery. 

we drop your supplies at the usual package drop area for your location,     just like UPS or the post office.

got questions about supplies? read on.

I just ordered supplies–when do they arrive?

Supplies ordered before 5 p.m. are delivered the next business day.  We do not deliver on Sundays, although orders placed Sunday before 5 o'clock are still delivered on Monday.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order to qualify for FREE DELIVERY is $6.00, the price of one large box.


Do I have to buy boxes from you if I’m using you
for shipping or storage?

You do not have to use our boxes.However, we do have the strongest boxes around!  

I need supplies NOW!  How can I get them sooner? 

You can come to our store to buy supplies: 727 W. Ellsworth Suite #5 between 9 and 5

Large box 18 X 18 X 24" - $6.00  

Medium box 24 X 18 X 12" - $5.00

Small box 18 X 12 X 12" - $3.50

Tape roll 2" X 110 yds.- $4.50

Bubble wrap 2 X 10" - $4.00

Black wide-tip marker - $2.00

Tape gun with tape - $20.00


You will have the opportunity to order supplies when selecting other services, but if you only need supplies right now, click here.

How many boxes should I order?

When moving out, the average student uses 4 large boxes, plus some medium and small for shipping and/or heavy items; 1 roll of bubble wrap, a marker, and a roll of tape (sufficient for up to 8 boxes).

The typical John's Moms customer in a dorm or room uses 6 large plus some medium and small for shipping and/or heavy items; 2 bubble wrap, 1 tape, and 1 marker. When packing up an apartment or house, increase this to 10 large plus medium and small boxes for shipping and/or heavy items; 4 bubble, 2 tape, and 1 marker.

We will fully refund unused supplies, so don't hesitate to order more than we've suggested.

Where do I find my order? Do I have to be there to receive it?

You do not need to meet us to receive deliveries. We drop your supply order at your residence, the same way UPS does, without notification.

In residence halls, we leave them at the community center. The CC staff is supposed to send notification but sometimes fail to do so, especially at busy transition times. Please check in the CC during open hours on your delivery date.

In sororities and fraternities, ask the house mom where she has JPS deliver.

For houses, we usually leave supplies on the front steps, inside a  front porch or door, or in the vestibule, depending on the house set-up.