John's Moms Packing Service (and more)

Skip John–talk to a Mom who gets it!

Can you just go over there and yell at him?
— New York Mom, 2016

We started this service a few years ago in response to many requests from moms across the country. In essence, they were asking, "Can you be ME?"

So we recruited moms with college-age kids of their own who were kind, trustworthy, efficient, smart, hard-working … and patient. These moms work alongside students to help them sort, purge, and pack their belongings for an easy transition to the next season. The moms make the all the arrangements to meet up with JPS trucks at the end of the job to take the items for shipping, storage, and/or packing.

John's moms also work with parents, staying in touch from the time the order is placed until the time the job is completed. 

Some students also like to order up a mom to meet them when they arrive in Ann Arbor, to help them unpack, settle in and set up their spaces.

To learn more about the service, including costs and restrictions, click here.

Want more help? 

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