John's Moms 

Our John's Moms work alongside students to help them sort, purge, and pack their belongings for pick-up with JPS. (Note that our pick-up trucks ONLY take items to our warehouse. We will not deliver to any other location: you will have to go to Intra-campus moves and order this separately if you want packing and moving on the same day.)

We have a limited team, as we hire only quality moms! So availability is quite restricted. If the date you want is sold out or if you order less than three days in advance (cut-off at 5 p.m.) then you will not be able to select the date in the order screen. Choose a different one or call to discuss options 734.665.2664.

Once we receive your order, a manager will call get more specifics about your needs, so we can match you to a mom team. Once a mom is assigned, she will contact you and take it from there. We must be able to reach you by phone to confirm, not simply by email or text. Then we will need to make phone contact again in order to check in a few days before. Otherwise, your order will have to be cancelled.

The service is billed at $300 for the first two hours starting when the mom arrives.  After the first two hours, we charge $150/hr thereafter in quarter-hour increments. See the price guide for information on late orders, cancellations, and changes to your reservation.

You will also pay a reservation fee of $20 to secure the pick-up associated with this service.

Packing materials are not included so order them for advance delivery at the time you order the service. Set the delivery date for at least two days prior to your appointment with John's Moms.

How many supplies should you order? On average, a John's Moms customer in a dorm or room uses 6 large boxes plus some medium and small boxes for shipping items or for packing heavy things like books; 2 bubble wrap; 1 tape, and 1 marker. If we are packing up at an apartment or house, increase your order to at least 10 large plus medium and small for any shipping; 4 bubble, 2 tape, and 1 marker.

We will fully refund unused supplies, so don't hesitate to order more than is suggested here if you think it's needed.

Note that this is a premium service. Generally, the typical John's Moms customer spends $800-$1,200 or more, once supplies, shipping, and storage are added on. If you are concerned about limiting your costs, then please talk to the mom when she calls about setting a cap to her time as well as working together to make prudent decisions about whether some items are worth storing/shipping.

NOTE! John's moms do not clean, assemble or disassemble furniture, attach or detach anything to or from walls, OR transport customers and/or belongings in personal vehicles.

Summer Discovery

John's Pack & Ship has partnered with the Michigan Summer Discovery Program since 2002 to make arrival and departure from the University of Michigan as stress-free as possible. You simply ship your belongings to us via UPS or FedEx.

First, register for service ($10), we will send you an email with instructions about how to label your boxes.

Next, send as much as you like over as many days as you like, using UPS or FedEx for shipping.  Before you arrive, we will put them right in your room.

Finally, at the conclusion of your session, bring your things back to our shipping station in the lobby of the dorm so we can send them home for you. We can also ship to UCLA for "Combo" students.

Going abroad? 

JPS offers the same stellar services year-round. When you're leaving the country, we can ship, store, and help you pack just as we do during spring moveout.