spring moveout 2018 ordering opens soon.

We are waiting on our web designer to launch a new ordering gateway, hopefully TODAY.

Quick Click to  Winter serviceS

The yellow text takes you to more information about each service: it's important to know what you're signing up for!

But if you're ready to order, simply click one of the blue buttons at the top and begin the checkout process.

Busybody's Laundry = Sign up for laundry service and save yourself the hassle of competing for the washer & dryer or having to sit in a basement with your stuff so it doesn't get stolen. We pick up and deliver wash-n-fold as well as dry cleaning. And, by the way, Busybody's also offers maid service and beverage delivery.

Study Abroad/Pickup = If you're leaving Ann Arbor, our trucks can meet you and take your items to the warehousing for processing (packing, shipping, cleaning, or storing to re-deliver when you're ready). See our price guide to estimate storage costs from the time you leave until next fall.

John's Moms  = A real, live mom and helper work alongside of you to pack or unpack your belongings 

Move = Two men and a truck move you from one place to another within the UM area on the same day