Frequently Asked Questions

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Call us if you have a question that is not addressed: (734) 665-2664

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Getting stuff to JPS for storage/shipping/packaging

Dorm satellite stations Personal pick-ups Drop-off at JPS


Supplies Shipping Storage Packing Intra-campus moves Laundry

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Satellite Stations during Spring Moveout


I live in Markley, Lloyd, WQ, EQ or SQ. How can i get service during move-out?

During finals week (April 25 thru May 2) we set up a satellite station in Markley, Lloyd, and West/East/South Quads. We are there from 2-6pm every afternoon except Sunday (4/28).

You will need to register to work with us at a satellite station.The $15 fee simply creates your account and allows you access to the station as you need it. At the station you can buy supplies and drop off items for shipping, storage, and professional packaging of large, fragile, or awkward items.

When you register, you will be asked to enter shipping and/or storage information. We use that information to create labels for your belongings right at the station.  You don’t need to know how many pieces you’ll be giving us or on which day(s); we will deal with things as you give them to us.

You can pack up in our boxes or your own boxes and totes. Box everything you can, but bring fragile items and things too large to pack just as they are.  We will take care of those for you.

Sorry–we do not have the manpower to come up to dorm rooms during our peak week when satellite stations are open. Use rolling carts provided by your dorm office.

If you need supplies before the sattelite station opens (April 25th) you can order them for delivery to your residence hall’s package room. Just click the “Orders” icon and select “Supplies before April 25th or after May 2nd; no delivery fee.

If you are moving belongings out before the sattelite station opens (April 25th) you can order a pick up right from your room. Just click the “Orders” icon and select “Pick-up of shipping or storage before April 25th or after May 2nd; reservation $30

the satellite station is only open in the afternoon and i want help in the morning. what are my options?

Our teams are out picking up from all other campus locations in the mornings. Therefore, we do not offer morning service in dorms with stations. You can either bring thing to our store (727 W. Ellsworth #5) or leave them with a friend who can come to the JPS station when it opens.

If you register for the premium John's Moms service, pickup times are more flexible, but John’s Moms must be reserved well in advance, as we have a limited number of available moms.

I'm working with your dorm station, but I'll Still need my bedding and am leaving the next day before you open. What can I do?

1) Have a friend bring it to us at the station when it opens. 

2) Drop it off at our store on your way out of town–we waive the drop fee if you have registered for a dorm station.

3) Schedule a personal pick-up for a time/place outside of your dorm where someone can meet us – for example, at your sorority or at a friend's apartment.  The pick-up fee is $30.


i don’t live in a dorm with a satellite station. How can I get service?

Students living in private houses, apartments, sororities, fraternities, and residence halls without stations will schedule a personal pick-up. See next section.



When does JPS pick up?

During spring move-out week pick-ups happen between 8a and 2p, Monday through Saturday. At all other times, they happen between 9p and 5p.  You will select a 4-hour pick-up window, and you must be available during that entire time. We will call when we are on the way.

We cannot commit to a specific time within this window. If you have any serious conflicts, such as a final or a flight, we will do our best to work with you when we call to confirm the day before.

will you call before you come?

We contact the student* the day before the scheduled pick-up date to confirm the appointment and go over other details. If we cannot have this conversation on the phone, the pick-up will be canceled.

We also call when we are on the way there, usually about 10-15 minutes out.

*If a parent or other person will meet us, we will talk to that person either instead or in addition to the student.


How far in advance should I schedule my pick-up? Can I change it?

We recommend you schedule your pick-up as soon as you know the date; the cut-off is two days before service by 5p.

The reservation fee is not refundable.

You can change your pick-up date without penalty up to two days beforehand. If you cancel within 48 hours of the pick-up time you will have to cancel and reschedule ($30).


Will you come and get my stuff from my room?

For a pick-up from an apartment, house, sorority, fraternity or a residence hall without an open satellite station, we do pick up from the room. 

If you are in a dorm that will be hosting a satellite stations but are moving out prior to April 25th, then we will come to your room.


Do I have to be present for my pick-up?

Someone you trust needs to be there meet us. We can discuss this further during your confirmation call.


Can my roommates and I share one pick-up order since You're already coming to the same place at the same time?

Each customer must create their own pick-up request for accurate accounting, label printing, and inventory control.


I'm having a pick-up but I will still need my bedding and some other stuff until the last minute. What are my options for getting these things to JPS?

1) You can drop them off at our store (727 W. Ellsworth #5) on the way out of town–we will waive the drop fee if you have already had a pick-up.

2) Have a friend bring your belongings to a satellite station (Markley, Lloyd, or East/South/West Quad 4/25-5/2, 2-6pm) We will waive the dorm station registration fee since you are already in the system.

3) Schedule a second pick-up in a time/place where someone will take responsibility for meeting us  (i.e. roommate, friend or house director, management office). You would have to place a separate pick-up order.

Drop-off at JPS

Can I come to your store to drop my stuff off?

You can come to our store to drop off belongings for storage, shipping, and professional packaging. (727 W. Ellsworth #5). Register online before you come, unless you have already registered for a dorm station or scheduled a pick-up.

We are located near State St. and I-94 past the Briarwood Mall, only 10 minutes from campus. 

Our complex is across from Costco, and a stone’s throw from Zingerman’s Creamery, Coffee Shop, and Bakery!

Our hours are Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm; but we work extended hours during the peak of moveout. Call 734.665.2664 before coming to make sure someone is there to meet you.


How much is it to deliver supplies?

Delivery is free within the UM campus area.

What is your minimum order for delivery?


When can I expect my supplies once I place an order?

We will deliver BY the date you select with your order, but not necessarily ON that date.

Where do you deliver supplies?

We drop your supplies at the usual package drop area for your location, just like UPS or the post office.

Check in your drop area by the date you requested for delivery; don’t just rely on notifications. With high delivery volumes during transitional seasons, offices may not keep up.

  • Residence halls: package room (SQ package room is in WQ; Newberry and Fletcher package rooms at Betsy Barbour)

  • Apartments: either in front of your door or in the office; check both

  • Sororities: ask the house director where she has designated a JPS drop location

  • Private houses: on the front porch by the door or in the vestibule if we can gain access

Do I have to be there when you drop off my order? do you call?

You do not need to meet us to receive deliveries. Like UPS, we do not notify you when dropping off an order.

How many boxes should I order? 

The average student in a dorm or room uses 4 large boxes and 3 mediums; 1 roll of bubble wrap, a marker, and 1 roll of tape (sufficient to close up ~ 8 boxes).

Students in houses and apartments generally use 8 large, 5 medium, 4 bubble, 2 tape a marker.

John’s Moms customers do not have to order their own supplies; the “mom” will take care of that.

If you order more boxes than you use we will buy back the unused boxes at full price. We do not buy back tape, bubble wrap or markers.

During finals week, our satellite stations in the dorms will have plenty of supplies available; students in these dorms do not need to order supplies before the stations open unless they want to start packing before April 25th.

Can I use my own boxes if I am shipping or storing with JPS?

Yes. You will save on the cost of the boxes, but storage fees are still charged according to the size and weight of our standard large box, 18x18x24” and up to 50 lbs. 

Can I just buy packing materials and not use your shipping or storage services?


CAN I Store my stuff in A DUFFEL BAG?

Yes, but note that duffel bags are often much larger than a standard large box (18x18x24”) and therefore incur oversize and/or overweight surcharges. It is usually cheaper and safer to store belongings in boxes rather than in duffels.

What if I need supplies right away? Can I get a rush order?

If you need supplies quickly between April 25 and May 2 come to one of our satellite stations in Markley, Lloyd, SQ, EQ and WQ between 2 & 6p or come to our store located at 727 W. Ellsworth # 5.


HOW should I label my shipping?

We will create personal labels with bar codes for tracking via UPS’s website. 

We suggest you also write your name and address prominently on each item with the word SHIP.

When do you ship things after you receive them? how long will it take to get my stuff?

During busy seasons such as spring move-out, shipments leave Ann Arbor the next business day after we receive them. You can track them online using the number provided on your receipt; find typical times for delivery to specific zones at this link, using the zip code 48103.

However, during the busy moveout season UPS suspends its day-definite delivery guarantee for our customers.

Which carrier do you use for shipping?

We ship through UPS and will provide a tracking number for every box shipped.

Can you hold my shipping? I’m going on vacation first, starting a new job a few weeks later, etc.

Yes, we can hold your shipping. However, storage costs apply and the charge is the same 0-4 months

Can I use my UPS account to pay for shipping?

We cannot bill to your UPS account, but you can contact UPS directly for service and initiate a pick-up through them.

Can I ship a duffel bag or suitcase?

Yes, but JPS will transfer the contents of the duffel bag or suitcase into a box or boxes, because this significantly reduces the possibility of damage to your belongings.  If you ship such items without a box, they are not insured against damage. The straps and odd shapes of bags do not mix well with the UPS conveyor belts and often catch, ripping the bag open.

Additionally, suitcases and bags are not standard sizes and therefore incur UPS oversize and/or overweight charges. It is cheaper and safer to ship boxes rather than suitcases and duffels.

How much does it cost to ship something?

A typical large box weighs 55 pounds. With ground shipping, it will go to IL for $64, to NY, NJ for $70, to south FL for $105, and to CA for $145. Visit the price guide for more details, and note that these are general estimates. The prices do not include UPS fuel surcharges which fluctuate from week to week.

We do not give shipping quotes over the phone. 



How do I pack things for shipping? 

See shipping questions above or click here.


Can JPS pack my belongings for me?

Yes, you can hire one of “John’s Moms” to work with you and help you organize and pack up your belongings.  Our John’s Mom’s are not qualified to pack fragile belongings like TV’s, dishes or electronics. Those items will be transported safely back to our facility for professional packing. See the price chart for those items here.


Do I have to be there for the John's Moms packing service? Can you come and pack up my room after I leave?

We expect either you or a trustworthy representative to be present working with the “mom.” Call us if you have a special situation.


What about plastic drawers, under-bed BOXES, and other CONTAINERS? Do they have to be boxed for storage?

It is not necessary to put plastic drawers or totes in a box for storage. Just pack your belonging in these containers and bring them to us. As best we can, we will tape them together in groups that approximate the size and weight of a large box (18x18x24”) so that you pay the usual $40 storage.

Many of the plastic containers we are now seeing are 30x18x10”. These are about the same volume as our medium box. If we tape 2 of them together and the combined weight is less than 50lbs it will be charged as an oversized item ($55). This is still a substantial savings over having to store them as two separate containers at $40 each.

Does everything need to be boxed or covered when I give it to you for storage?

You should box everything you can, but large, non-fragile items such as furniture, bikes, mattresses, futons, rolling drawers, plastic totes, shelves and refrigerators do not need to be boxed.

Please note that plastic drawers and containers can get dirty, scratched or scuffed. We use tape to keep plastic drawers from opening. Insurance covers the content, not its appearance. 

Futons and couches can get dirty. If you’re concerned about dings, scuffs, and dust, cover items yourself or ask for us to cover them for you. If you don’t specifically ask, we will assume they are fine as is. (Exception: we do cover all mattresses.)

Note that we should professionally pack fragile items like TV's, printers and microwave ovens in order to insure them (see below).


How do I pack something that’s too big to fit in one of your boxes like a small carpet, a tall fan, a vacuum, or a folding chair?

The most economical way to pack these items is to use one of our large boxes and leave the top open. You can put several tall items in the same box if they are lightweight and narrow.

Obviously the items will stick out from the top of the box. When we receive it, we cap it with a second large box. As long as this box weighs less than 50 pounds, we will store it as an “oversized” box ($55). 

Although this is more expensive than storing a standard box ($40), it’s still much more economical than paying for each of the tall items individually.


How Do you pack Fragile things like my TV?

We transport them to our store for packaging. Please do not attempt to pack a TV yourself unless you have all the original packaging materials. We advise against packing a TV with towels or pillows for cushioning.  They are often damaged when packed this way.

If you have the original box and inserts, it is your responsibiliity to repack the TV. This will require removing it from the stand. On many TV’s the stand will not come off once it’s snapped on and therefore the TV will not fit properly and safely back into the original box. Also, the original box often deteriorates over time and no longer provides protection for safe shipping, moving and/or storage.

If at the time of pickup our the JPS agent determines the TV is not properly packed in the box and it’s not safe to move in it’s present state, he will enter “TBP” (to be packed) on the pick up summary sheet, transport it carefully to our facility and we will repack the TV once it’s received at JPS.

Click to our price guide for a list of sizes and prices to pack a TV.



How do I label my stuff? How do you keep track of everything?

We create personal labels for all stored items from our database, which tracks your inventory. 

We suggest you also write prominently on each item your name the word STORE. If your storage is for EARLY DELIVERY (under four months esp. for fall term delivery) write this as well. Add TBC if you want us to clean the items through Busybody’s Laundry over the summer.

For furniture and other unboxed items, you can use masking or shipping tape as a label, but make sure it is well attached.


Should I use the climate-controlled facility?

Climate control is not necessary, even for electronics or clothing, since our warehouse is dry and temperate. However, we do offer this option for people who prefer it. 

Storing a basic box in the air-conditioned room costs $80. Label all your items A/C and alert the employees who take your storage that it should not to go to the warehouse with other fall delivery items.


I want to store my winter clothes and dirty bedding . Can you take care of cleaning them?

Our sister company, Busybody's Laundry can clean your belongings during the time they are stored with us. We will handle the connection: You just need to put these items in a separate box marked “TO BE CLEANED” or “TBC” on the top and two sides with a fat black marker.

The laundry charge will be added to your invoice after the items are cleaned. Click here for general prices.

If you are storing laundry with other belongings to economize, make sure it is very obvious which things in the box are for cleaning.

If you have both dry cleaning and machine-washing, separate the dry cleaning in a bag and label it clearly.


What if I only need storage for a short time?

Students returning to Ann Arbor in less than four months may opt for short-term storage. However, since the majority of our costs are associated with the labor involved in pick-up and delivery, there is no discount. The price is the same for any time period between 0-4 months.

All short-term storage items must be labelled clearly as EARLY DELIVERY with the delivery date. During spring and summer moveout times, be sure to alert the person who handles your order that it is for short-term storage. We need to make sure that it is labeled properly and doesn’t end up in the warehouse with other fall term deliveries.


What if I don't know my move-in date yet?

We ask for a delivery date and address when we receive items for storage, but if you don't know just contact us well before the delivery date to give that information. For fall delivery, you must call before August 1 to avoid late fees; if you are moving before the general lease commencement date, then we need to know your date before May 1.


Will my belongings be waiting for me when I return? Where do I find them?

Students moving into residence halls will find their belongings in the dorm package room. 

Students moving into Landmark, Zaragon, The Hub, Six11, The Hub, The Yard, Vic Village and ArborBlu will find their belongings in their rooms.

We have excellent relationships with many sororities. Students moving into the following houses get in-room delivery prior to their return, as long as we have a room number: ADPi, AEPhi, AXO, DPhiE,KKG, PiBetaPhi, SDT, Sigma Kappa, TriDelt, XO, and Zeta.

Students moving into another building or house can arrange for in-room delivery before their return with the consent of the landlord. 

What if I store my belongings with JPS and later decide to not return after all?

If you change your return plans or not returning to UM , JPS can either continue storing them or ship to a forwarding address; additional fees will apply.

Intra-Campus Moves


I’m just moving from one place to another. Can you help me get my things to my new location?

You can schedule an intra-campus move with JPS. You can order two strong guys and a truck for up to two hours who will move one student from one campus residence to another on the same day. If there are two students or more being moved, each student needs to place a separate order.

The service does not include packing materials. Those should be ordered in advance. The move will take longer if packing is not finished before the guys arrive.

We do not assemble or disassemble furniture; nor do we attach or remove things to or from walls.

JPS schedules intra-campus moves on Monday through Saturday between 9 and 5. Other times may be possible given enough advance notice. Call us at 734.665.2664 to to confirm availability. 

We do not offer this service during our peak seasons: in 2019, this means 4/25-5/2 for spring moveout and generally the two weeks before and including Labor Day for fall move-in.

Note that for small moves, it is often more economical to call an Uber even if you have to make a few trips.



John's Pack & Ship is the only storage service that will take dirty stuff and return it clean. That's because we also own Busybody's Laundry, which operates out of the same facility. Find pricing for commonly cleaned items on our price guide.

Click here to reach the Busybody's website.



Click here for a complete price guide for our services and supplies.

Click here for information on insurance.