Porter Service (Receiving and Delivery)


How does it work?

1. Register for the service ($5) by clicking the link below. The registration fee simply reserves the service and creates your account.

2.  Include insurance when prompted along the ordering path.  Otherwise you will only be paid $50 for a lost box.

3. Ship belongings to us via UPS or FedEx from home or order from a vendor no earlier than July 1

Label the boxes as follows:    JPS, Student's name                                                                               727 W. Ellsworth Rd  #5                                                                          Ann Arbor, MI  48108

4. We send an email notification when your package arrives.

5. We deliver your belongings to your new Ann Arbor residence (see more details on this below) and charge your credit card for the items delivered.

Click here for porter service prices.

Be aware that many vendors ship orders in multiple boxes . . . and we charge for every box we receive regardless of size.  With hundreds of boxes arriving during our busy season, this prevents confusion and error. However, you may want to ask your vendor to hold multiple items for shipping all in one box.

All boxes must be in our possession by August 23rd to avoid late penalties. You do not need to know how many boxes you’ll be shipping us at this time. This is only a registration. The total bill for the services rendered will be charged once it’s completed.

Read the list below to find out where and when we will deliver your stored items

If your building is not mentioned, talk to your landlord.

If you plan to move back early (before late August), you must give a date BEFORE MAY 1.

Residence halls: dorm package room prior to building’s move-in date

Large apartment buildings: in-room delivery prior to building’s move-in date, provided the lease paperwork is in order, with EXCEPTION of Varsity, YoUnion (formerly 411 Lofts), and *U Towers (by request of the management). In these buildings, we provide in-room delivery upon students’ arrival, on the date you indicate on your order

Sororities: in-room delivery prior to house move-in date, provided we have a room number

Fraternities: in-room delivery upon students’ arrival, on the date you indicate on your order