Insure your valuable belongings!

Regardless of how or why we failed, our liability is still limited to the insured amount, and only up to the fair market value.

By fair market value we mean the market value for the item at the time it was lost or damaged. See “Calculating depreciation” below.

If no additional insurance is purchased, the default insured value is

  • $100 for each shipped box

  • $50 for each stored piece (meaning the total contents of 1 container).

Shipping and storage fees are not refunded with insurance claims.

Calculating depreciation

Depreciation is calculated according to fair market practices (see For example, general clothing is depreciated at 33%/yr. Televisions 8.3%/yr. Coats 6.7%/yr. Bedding 15%/yr.

The total payment is limited to the insured value.

What does insurance cover?

Insurance generally covers both damage and loss.


Each year we store many thousands of boxes and our loss rate is 3 boxes per thousand. This is obviously very low, but if it we lose your box, it doesn’t matter how good our loss ratio is. You will want to replace them and we can only help pay that bill up to the insured value.


We do sometimes make mistakes like breaking TVs (average 2 per year) or other fragile items; we do sometimes lose boxes; we do sometimes damage furniture beyond repair. This will be upsetting if it happens to you. But if we break an expensive item that is only insured for the default storage value of $50 you will be very upset.

Note that "damage" applies to the content of a container and its functionality, not its appearance. For example, we often use tape to keep doors/drawers from opening in transport and this can leave an adhesive film when removed. Futons and couches can get dirty. Plastic drawers and totes often lose wheels or crack. Shipped suitcases or duffels may get scratched or torn in transit. If you’re concerned about dings, scuffs, scratches, and dust, you should box or cover items yourself or pay for us to do it.

If you don’t specifically ask for extra protection, we will assume that you accept cosmetic damage as a possibility. (Exception: We do automatically cover mattresses with plastic protectors, but these can tear when the mattresses are moved, and dust may get through.)

Adding insurance

Adding insurance costs $2.00 per $100 of value added. For example, insuring a box for $500 costs $10, for $1,000 costs $20; for $2,000 costs $40.

You can either choose to insure a specific piece/box or insure the entire order.


You store 5 boxes, 3 plastic container units, a TV and a desk chair (10 total pieces).

You could insure the entire order for $2,000. The cost for this much insurance is $40 and therefore each piece is insured for $200.


You could only insure the box that has your Canada Goose coat for $1,500 and the TV for $500. Again, the total cost for insurance is $40, but now the other 8 pieces are only insured for the default value of $50 each.

When a specific box is insured above the default value, you must provide an explicit description: for example, “Box with 20 pairs of shoes, $3,000”; “Box of winter coats and sweaters, $2,000.”

If there is one particular item in the box that is of high value indicate it separately, e.g. “Box of winter coats and sweaters, $5000 (Canada Goose coat, $1500).”

You pay the insurance fees after we receive the items, at the same time that we charge for the storage and/or shipping.

exceptions to insurance coverage

Note that fragile items need to be professionally packed by JPS, or they will only be insured against loss, not damage.

This includes

  • Kitchenware such as glasses and dishes

  • Small appliances like coffee makers and microwave ovens

  • Computers

  • Gaming equipment

  • TVs

  • Pictures and other artwork

  • Mirrors

  • Fragile furniture

  • Other easily broken items

Please do not take a risk, especially with TVs. If a TV is not professionally packed it will usually break. Do not try to cushion your TV with things like bedding or clothing––it won’t work.

Our John’s Moms do not have the training or materials to properly pack fragile belongings on the job site, so please don’t ask them to. They will hand off items like the ones listed above to the truck crew for transport to the store where they will be professionally packed. If fragile items listed above are packed by a mom on site, we can only insure these things for loss, not damage.

We do not insure particle board or IKEA-type furniture. Once assembled, it is practically impossible to move these pieces without damaging them.

Original artwork is not insurable. Do not give us any artwork that you cannot bear to lose or damage. We do not insure “one of a kind” pieces made by students (e.g. paintings, ceramics, prototypes, architectural models) .

Making an insurance claim

You have 30 days from delivery to make an insurance claim.

If you think a piece or box is missing from your order, start by reviewing the order summary sheet that was scanned to you at the time the order was billed. Compare it to the items you received. Then call us prepared to give the description on the summary sheet.

If we determine together that something is missing, JPS has one week to locate it before processing the claim. This can be difficult at move-in when parents are in town and want to help their students settle in before they leave; however, please be patient while we are trying to locate lost items at the busiest time of year.

If something is damaged, please retain the item along with the packing materials so that we (or UPS) can inspect them. We cannot pay a claim on damaged items if you dispose of them before they can be inspected.