Satellite stations open for spring move-out 2017 in the following dorms

Thursday 4/20 - Thursday 4/27, 9a-6p.

Sorry! You cannot order personal deliveries or pick-ups in the dorms below during this peak week. Instead, visit the station.

Alice Lloyd - Bursley - Couzens - Mary Markley - Mosher Jordan - Quads: East, South, & West

Outside of this week, or if you live in a different dorm, order services and supplies as directed for any other campus housing.

John's Pack and Ship has been serving the University of Michigan for two decades.

 As Michigan alumni, John & Michelle Kazanjian, know first-hand the needs particular to Ann Arbor's campus.

And as parents of five daughters who have attended eight out-of-state schools (so far), they also understand the stress of moving kids long-distance.

We often say, “We wish WE could call US.”


Contracted by UM

The UM continues to choose JPS. We maintain strong, positive relationships with the housing department; they call on us to help students not only at move-out and move-in, but when they face unexpected challenges.


JPS is located just a short distance from the University of Michigan. At move-out, we’re working on campus all day. During finals week, we also set up stations in selected dorms, serving students right in their own lobbies. 


We sell the best boxes, specially made for us. We professionally pack large/fragile/awkward items for safe handling. We even offer a premium packing service, John's Moms, to help students pack up their rooms


When we need extra help during our busy seasons, we reach out to family and friends and only hire people we know. You can trust our team to be courteous, honest, and willing to go the extra mile. 


JPS is a family business. We work side-by-side with our team. Most important, when issues arise, we are on the ground in Ann Arbor, accessible and attentive to the needs of students and families. 


JPS exists to serve UM students: we are focused. We listen to our customers' ideas and take their feedback very seriously, as we strive constantly to improve our already solid performance. 


We sell boxes in three sizes, tape, tape guns, bubble wrap, and markers and deliver free within one business day.


We can store practically anything: boxes, containers, furniture, refrigerators, TVs, bikes, artwork, cars … you name it.


We are a UPS Authorized Shipper. Most deliveries arrive within 3 or 4 business days.


We can pack your fragile or awkward items like electronics and bikes, or we can send someone to help you pack your entire room. You choose.

Intra-Campus Moves

To move students from one campus residence immediately to another, we can send two strong guys and a truck. (Sorry! Not available 4/17-4/27 during peak of move-out season.)


JPS is the only storage service that takes dirty clothing and bedding and returns it clean. We offer student laundry services year-round.


Schedule a pick-up

Click here to order a personal pick-up.

Click here to order a personal pick-up.

When you schedule a pick-up, our guys will come right to your room and carry all your items for shipment and storage down to the truck.

Important: We do not do personal pick-ups in dorms with open satellite stations during the last week of the term. Read about satellite stations opposite find out if this restriction applies to you.  

    Drop off

    Our office is located conveniently near I-94 for easy drop-off on your way out of town: 727 W. Ellsworth Rd #5, Ann Arbor, 48108.

    Store hours are 8a-5p Monday-Saturday.  During the week before graduation, we can take belongings until 10 p.m. Call in advance so we can have someone meet you. 

    You will need to create an account online before coming. Click the link below.

    Click here to create an account.

    Click here to create an account.

    Visit a dorm station

    Satellite stations open in major dorms one week before the residence halls close, Thursday, April 20 - Thursday, April 27, 9a-6p daily.

    The following dorms will host satellite stations in 2017:

    Alice Lloyd - Bursley - Couzens - Mary Markley - Mosher Jordan (MoJo) - Quads: East, South, West

    Click here to register for service at a dorm station 4/20-4/27, 9a-6p

    Click here to register for service at a dorm station 4/20-4/27, 9a-6p

    You must register for service this service before coming to the station. Then bring things to the station as often as you like: no need to do it all at once. 

    We cannot come up to the room to help you bring things down. Use the carts provided in the community center. 

    If an item does not fit into a box or needs professional packing, bring it as is, and we will transport it carefully to our store to take care of it.

    Important: We cannot do personal pick-ups or deliveries in these dorms any time during the week when the satellite stations are open. However, if you are moving or packing before or after the scheduled station dates, then you may order a pick-up.

    John's Moms Packing Service is always available as long as we are not booked up. Click here to learn more.



    Cost varies widely, depending on what you do. Some examples follow . . . 


    • Storing a container up to 50 lbs costs $40 for the entire summer and includes delivery. 

    • Shipping depends on weight and destination: a typical large box to NY costs $65.  

    • Registration for service at a dorm satellite station  is $5.  

    • Reserving pick-up service is $20.

    • Packing and storing a 36" TV is $135. 

    • Boxes costs $5, $4, and $3 for large, medium, and small.

    • One of John's Moms and helper for two hours is $300 and billed at $125/hr from there.

    • Two guys and a truck for two hours is $200 and billed at $100/hr from there (no packing service is included).


    Click here for a detailed pricing guide.