John’s Pack & Ship, owned by John & Michelle Kazanjian, has been in business for twenty-six years, and we have served the University of Michigan community under contract for eighteen of them.  

As Michigan alumni (‘84, '85), we know from experience the needs particular to Ann Arbor’s campus.

And as parents of 5 daughters who have also attended out-of-state schools, we understand the stress of trying to move our kids long-distance.

We often say, “We wish WE could call us”


here are the top six reasons.


Contracted By UM

JPS has been under contract with UM for eighteen years.  Despite challenges from other bidders, the university continues to choose us. We maintain a strong, positive relationship with Housing, serving UM students not only at move-out and move-in, but also when they are facing special circumstances.


JPS is located a short distance from the University of Michigan. At move-out and move-in we are helping students on campus all day long. During finals week, we are approved by UM to set up satellite stations in major dorms where students can buy supplies and drop off their belongings for shipping and storage.



We sell the best boxes, specially made for us. We professionally pack large/fragile/awkward items for safe handling. We even offer a premium packing service, John's Moms, to help students pack up their rooms. 



When we need extra help during our busy seasons, we reach out to family and friends.  We only hire people we know. You can trust our team to be courteous, honest, and willing to go the extra mile when problems arise.


JPS is a family business. If you call during the moving season, there’s a good chance that one of us will answer the phone. If not, we're out on campus serving our customers.


JPS exists to serve students on the UM Ann Arbor campus. We devote all our time and energy to improving our already solid performance. The customers keep us learning and growing year after year.


We sell supplies and provide storage and shipping (UPS) services. We drop off and pick up at houses, sororities, fraternities, apartments and dorms throughout the campus area.

We also set up satellite stations in 9 major dorms for drop-off and pick-up during finals week, April 20-27 between 3-6 (Markley opens at 2:30). Note that we cannot provide any other services to these dorms during that peak week, so plan ahead to work with us during station hours.  Click to the "FAQ" tab for more details. 

How much does it cost?

Cost varies widely, depending on what you do. Some examples follow, but click to the "Services" tab for more information.

  • Storing a container up to 50 lbs costs $35 for the entire summer and includes delivery. 
  • Shipping depends on weight and destination: a large box to NY costs $65.  
  • Registration for service at a dorm satellite station  is $5.  
  • Reserving pick-up service is $15.
  • Packing and storing a 36" TV is $130. 
  • Boxes costs $5, $4, and $3 for large, medium, and small.
  • One of John's Moms and helper for two hours is $300 and billed at $125/hr from there.
  • Two guys and a truck for two hours is $200 and billed at $100/hr from there.


We can store practically anything: boxes, containers, furniture, refrigerators, TV’s, bikes…


We are a UPS Authorized Shipper. Most deliveries are made in 3 or 4 business days.


We can pack your fragile or awkward items like TVs and bikes, or we can send someone to pack your entire room.


We sell boxes in three sizes, tape, tape guns, bubble wrap, and markers with no delivery fee.


To move students from one campus residence immediately to another, we can send two strong guys and a truck.


JPS is the only storage service that takes dirty clothing and bedding and returns it clean.