You mean there’s actually a John?
— Surprised student meeting John for the first time
Kazanjian family school colors fav.jpg

John Kazanjian was born near Boston into an Armenian family, immigrants who came to the US during the 1950s to live the American dream. Entrepreneurship is in his blood!

John graduated from the University of Michigan in 1985 with a degree in Economics. After working for five years in sales and marketing, he launched his own business with his wife Michelle (UM Nursing, 1986).

John’s Pack & Ship primarily serves students on the UM Ann Arbor campus and offers storage, shipping, and moving services to students year-round, along with laundry through our sister company, Busybody’s, which he launched in 2000. John’s business also includes Budget truck rentals and over-the-counter packing and shipping.

John has enjoyed reconnecting with his east coast roots through the Pack & Ship and credits the moms of his customers for many of the changes and innovations made over the years, in particular the popular “John’s Moms” premium packing service.

The seasonal nature of the business affords John time to pursue his passion: mission work. He travels at least five times a year to countries around the world and stays very active in his local congregation as well.

John’s pride and joy is his family. His five daughters are now mostly launched. They cover the spectrum of professions; respectively, a PhD candidate in Political Philosophy & Law, an Army nurse turned medical student, an industrial designer, a French major turned stay-at-home mom and JPS manager, and an aspiring author of middle-grade fiction. John also has five granddaughters and one grandson! One of his favorite proverbs is “Children are the investment and grandchildren are the dividend.”

John and Michelle are on the ground during move-out, so look for them and say “hello” as they race past.